Our Programs



BATTLE X is an intense-high fun workout class inspired by MMA movements. This class will make you kick and punch your way to improve cardiovascular fitness and a fighter’s physique. Sweat out, scream and smash your workout plateau through progressive movements to challenge your speed, agility, coordination, stamina and strength in Battle X.


BLAZE X is a high-energy fitness class featuring bodyweight cardio and fitness movements matched to heart-pumping music. BLAZE X ignites metabolic conditioning and fat loss through tracks with high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during workout and induce EPOC to maximise calories burned after workout.


Ignite your rhythm with STEP X through upbeat rhythmic stepping, a hint of dancing mixed with high energy fitness movements! STEP X will make the step board your best friend and tone you up a pair of sexy legs. You will also use the stepboard for push ups, plank jacks and various other upper body exercises to make this class an ideal full body caloric torch.


Ignite the party through RAVE X! RAVE X is a fitness dance class that aims to promote cardiovascular fitness by throwing your stress out the window and just hitting the dance floor with super fun music and groove. You don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy the class, just get your party mode on and let the music lead you through the calorie burn!


Turn your body into a lean mean machine with FORCE X by improving muscular endurance and growth. Your muscles are your fat burning factories in your body and FORCE X will push these “factories” to full capacity through resistance training featuring bend & lift, single leg, push, pull & rotational movements. Endure the challenge and pull through the soreness as we bring in uplifting music to give you the push for that one extra rep.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been scientifically proven as an effective training approach in promoting Fat Loss. In today’s fast pace era, people have less time to workout but want results fast; HIIT’s no-nonsense-intense and performance oriented programming becomes an ideal fit for this current fitness need.


REACH X is a mind & body Yoga-Pilates inspired group exercise to music programme. REACH X lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body to improve flexibility, strength, balance, muscle activation and body awareness. Accompanied by captivating music, this programme brings the body and mind together through exercise, breathing & meditation.